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Sleepwalk Me Home

by The Jukebox Romantics

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LukeSpurs Pop-punk bliss, great set of catchy and aggressive tunes and any song that ends with a bad Paul Simon whistle wins in my book. Favorite track: Buried With Children.
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Breaking Rad 01:40
I’m drinking beer for the taste I’m drinking whiskey for the effect It’s 6 am and I haven’t gone to bed yet Some of my friends think I should quit I’m tired of hearing all that shit Pour another round Come out around 10 We’ll drink these demons out of our heads I stole the old man’s whiskey and rye To pour on top of all the monsters inside I’m drinking beer for the taste I’m drinking whiskey for the effect It’s 7 am and I haven’t gone to bed yet There’s some things I can’t admit Maybe I don’t give a shit Pour us another round Maybe someday it’ll catch up to me Maybe someday I’ll start to care Sit down and have a drink with me We’ll act like no one else is here I’m drinking beer for the taste I’m drinking whiskey for the effect It’s 8 am and I haven’t gone to bed yet Most of my friends do the same shit Pass the bottle get another hit Pour another…. Round
Have you ever wondered what it feels like when you die? I do, I keep it bottled up inside Every breath you take Every move you make Doesn’t matter in the end When you’re already dead You gave up hope You gave up time Gave up your identity to stand in line That’s not for me I roll my eyes I held my breath While my boat capsized Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be alive? I know it feels like you’re trapped inside Your own head can be a maze Running circles for days and days Have you ever wondered what it feels lie to fly Without your wings clipped soaring in the sky You can call me Peggy Peggy when you call me You can call me Al
I wait alone I wait alone For a place to call my own I wait alone I wait alone For a girl to call my own When there’s darkness in your life When there’s only cracks of light With the whiskey beside your bed & the fucked up thoughts inside your head She walks alone She walks alone To the corner for a pack of bones She walks alone She walks alone Spewing fire & tears of smoke There is darkness in her life There are zero cracks of light With the bourbon inside her head You’re just another man in her bed Because For one night only You won’t feel lonely There’s no place you rather be Than slitting your wrists hanging From your closet drifting off to eternal sleep It’s not love It’s not lust It’s that you just want to feel like you’re home But until our hearts align... I wait alone I wait alone like a king without a throne I’ll die alone I’ll die alone A single coffin & this simple poem There is darkness in my life There is zero cracks of light No reflection in the rivers edge Would I rather be alive or dead? No place you rather be Another day I wait alone Another night because…
I never thought I would feel this After the ash filled winter buried all our dreams Dreams of good times in the sunshine Hangin’ with friends and family drinking by the pool I tell Richie to call up Tommy Haven’t seen his face since graduation day Cause we’re getting older Fake assumptions of where we’re supposed to be But its fucking summer So grab your bathing suit and check your problems at the door Can’t bring us down Gotta find the light & stand your ground Can’t bring us down Altogether now, altogether loud That July there was a heat wave Watching the hot steam rise from the pavement on the streets On the 4th you met your soul mate Under the fire lit skies all stars aligned that night One month later you were married A shotgun wedding bash with friends by your side Look back on the past All the memories fade to black yeah New year Same fears Just make them stop Hey! Time enslaves us Can’t save us We’ll do anything To make this last forever August ending Winters just around the bend Is it almost over? Is it almost summer?
Dad, I'm a punk rocker There’s no growing up. Just growing bitter. With a crumbling economy and bills overdue I find solace and peace with the dreams I pursue There's no right or wrong I can’t sleep at night No easy road to satiate this appetite But I try There’s no easy way to take me out alive Last night I scraped my eyes out Just to see where you’re coming from This world is a fucked up place And I know we can change it Yes I know we can change And we won’t stop screaming At the top of our lungs for something we believe in Until our hearts stop beating If we all stand together We can make this life better If we try
Gringo Starr 02:43
I’m so fucking tired This bed is my coffin Please wrap my head in these sheets I just want to sleep Even if that just means I’m going 6 feet down down down Oh fuck I’m dead I don’t really see the difference I was alive with no life Now my future looks bright Even if that’s a lie I’m dead with a chance to be alive It takes a lifetime to sink in There’s no easy way out of this Fuck this world, wish me well I’m driving the van to hell Stop take a second Let me wipe the tears from your eyes Life is worth it Yeah it sucks sometimes But we survive Cause we're alive All you had to do is open your eyes And look at the sky And see the clouds are all gone I found hope in this song Now my future is bright I’m awake and I fucken feel alive
Day into Night / Night into Day living a life of complacency Anxiety takes over me And cripples me down to the floor Night into Day / Day into Night It all blends together with no end in sight What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I be Normal not fucked in the head? Swallow this pill It'll make you believe Just 3 times a day just wait and see it'll change who you are you'll no longer hide but will the alter person inside Remember to breathe / Take a deep breath Exhale all your worries / Have no regrets A leap of faith is all you need to move on and never look back Take a deep breath / Remember to breathe Heart palpations / I'm weak in the knees Fighting through this so I can be “normal” not fucked in the head Try all you can to make them believe an image portraying normalcy they don’t understand What they can not see the war inside of me
I don’t know anything about you anymore And I don’t know if I want to Time has past and it’s knocked you on your ass You beat yourself up Into submission They say that every cloud has a silver lining But I think that they’re fucking lying And we could get you back on your feet If only you were trying You don’t know what you’ve done You were always a loaded gun You don’t know what you’ve done You’ve gone and used up all your fun You never gave us a reason You never showed any care You gave us heart attacks worrying It’s not fair You paved yourself a road of black tar So large you could spot it from a far Never thought anything in life could be so hard But you fought to prove me wrong
I lose all control when the night takes hold of me And I’m scaring myself and I’m scaring my friends Maybe this one night I won’t stop breathing Maybe I’ll be alright Eventually my heart slows down Put my feet on the ground Eventually the room stops spinning I’ll be grinning I’ll be asking for more Pick me up off the floor Like a werewolf the full moon is out Howling at the stars As dry as a drought I won’t bite Just keep your distance Sleepwalk me home tonight
You showed us how to live And you gave us all you could give Choking slowly on passing time Rarely life has reason and rhyme Childhood best friend I turned to you and said I wanna know what we’d be like today Never again will I hear the things you would say In the meantime, we’ll all breakdown And in the meantime we’ll all breakdown No defeat in your stride No slowing down, no giving in Time escaped us, it fucking fled from us I wish that I could have it back I wanna know what you’d be like today Never again will I hear the things we might say In the meantime we’ll all breakdown And in the meantime we’ll all breakdown HEY HEY HEY HEY! I wanna know what we’d be like today If once again I could hear what you would say In the mean time we’ll just carry on And in the meantime we have to carry on… I know I’ve come to the end, goodbye my friend Can’t shake these hospital woes, in the meantime Do you remember? We sang along to the sad songs together I know I’ve come to the end, goodbye to my friend. Can’t take these hospital beds, Maybe I’m better off…


CD/VINYL available via Paper + Plastick Records: See Links


released December 8, 2017

Recorded at Nada Recording Studio
Engineered by John Naclerio & Sean-Paul Pillsworth
Produced by The Jukebox Romantics, John Naclerio & Sean-Paul Pillsworth
Mastered by John Naclerio at Nada Mastering
Additional Instrumentation from Neil Cotter (keyboards), John Naclerio (Guitars)

All songs written & performed by The Jukebox Romantics
The Jukebox Romantics
Mike Terry - Vocals/Guitar
Bobby Edge – Vocals/ Bass
Mike Normann – Drums

The Jukebox Romantics would like to thank these amazing people for helping make this album possible: John Naclerio, Sean-Paul Pillsworth, Neil Cotter, Anya Cheskin, Greg George, Steve Sileo (RIP), Danielle Reade, Mama & Papa Normann, Victoria Sileo, Felicia Sileo, Marlana Foltz, Chris Kuveke, Lindsay Hughes, Cassie Podish, Mike Knoblock, Patty Pants, Seth Dellon, Mike Stratton, Joe Jacobs, Chris Schultz, Eliot Gellar, OC45, Gameday Regulars, Oh The Humanity, On The Cinder, Tara Ruttle, American Pinup, Two Fisted Law, Kyle Trocolla, Valerie Trainor, Jason Harbour, Travis Meyers, JT Habersaat, Lyz Red, Shawn Refuse, Scotty Sandwich, Neil Shulman, Vinnie Fiorello, Dave Dibari, Dave Goldsmith, Dave Jailhouse, Bob Gibson, Andrew Freilich, Heather Freilich, Robert Edge III, Anthony Edge, Siobhan Schell, Sean Paul, Geordi, John Dimeglio, Rory Gato, Nick Repice, Matt Lamborn, Chuck Lit, Paul Carroll, KM, Calvin Parent, Joe Tagliaferro, George Stewart, Marc Satterly, Leah Terry, Viola Tomasetti, Big Mike Terry, Matt Jordan, Gloria Rodriguez, Mary Mutino, Dark Horse Percussion, 914/845 crews, the 4 Horseman, The Juicebox, and thank you to anyone who has ever come to a JBR show. Thank you for dancing, singing, and supporting throughout the years. Much love and respect


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The Jukebox Romantics New York

"The Jukebox Romantics hail from downstate New York, just in the shadows of NYC. Fun, heartfelt, sweaty punk rock!"

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